C’mon people, we all know that scary COVID narrative ain’t gonna push itself.

You know the media (and certain public health experts) have officially gone too far with the COVID fear-mongering when even Nate Silver feels the need to address it in a thread.

When you have public health experts like Fauci saying he will remain masked and basically avoid life even though he’s vaccinated yeah … the negative flows. And it’s not just the Little Gnome Who Wouldn’t either. For example, Nate writes about Dr. Michael Osterholm:


Of course, Meet the Press wanted this narrative, if not, they would have invited another public health expert on who doesn’t think the end of the world is near. Not to mention this Osterholm guy has a history of playing Chicken Little.

A media that for whatever reason wants people to remain afraid (staying home and watching their networks?) and a bunch of public health experts who have their reasons (ahem, relevance) have created the perfectly terrifying storm of misinformation that far too many Americans are gobbling up.

Doom merchant.

What a perfect descriptor.

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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