As Twitchy readers know, #BlackLivesMatter cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors bought a Topanga Canyon home for $1.4 MILLION buckaroos in a very very very white neighborhood … seems sort of like a capitalistic thing to do for a Marxist, doncha think?

Hey, we love capitalism, we applaud it. But for a woman whose entire career is based on division, vilifying white people, and evangelizing Marxism this is pretty damn hypocritical.

And where did all that money come from?

Asra Q. Nomani’s entire thread is so very, very damning.

Take a look.



How very Marxist … or not.

Or gobbledygook.


We KNEW IT. Hyphens ARE white supremacy! Down with the hyphen!

Love that money.

Those darn racist Jetsons.

Idiotic white liberals eat this crap up, then pat themselves on the back and pretend they’re WOKE. Meanwhile, these two capitalists laugh their a*ses off all the way to the bank.

Gosh, that sounds a little bit like exploitation to us.


Wow again.

Oh, and since Asra decided to out this ‘consulting firm’ she’s of course being attacked because you know, we’re not allowed to criticize frauds unless they’re white.

And then a woman who once thought the Military would take over the moon so it could DROP ROCKS ON OUR ENEMIES (we’re not making this up) chimed in:





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