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'The wait is OVER, LOL!' David Hogg's old tweet using his failed 'Good Pillow' to trash-talk Ben Shapiro BITES him in the a*s spectacularly

Ooooh, David … maybe delete those old tweets? ROFL!


Guess there’s not enough free advertising out there, because David Hogg pulled the plug on his involvement with his ‘liberal pillow.’ Apparently, starting a business is a lot more work than he realized because you know, it takes ACTUAL work and stuff.

Being an irritating twat won’t keep you in business EXCEPT for as a leftist Twitter activist, junior.



And we thought WE were tough.

We’ve got questions …

Even back then people thought his tweet was stupid.


Seems almost prophetic at this point, yes?

HA! No it did NOT.

Sometimes Twitter is a wonderful thing.

It’s rare though.



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