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'Tell the damn whiners to SIT DOWN!' Megyn Kelly DECIMATES Yale Law School for 'canceling' Amy Chua in political purge

Yale Law School is trying to cancel the only Asian American woman on their academic faculty because of her politics.

Oh sure, they tried to claim it was other things (like violating an agreement or hosting while parties during COVID), but from her thread, it doesn’t sound like any of their reasons are legit.


Take a look:

Not a great look, Yale.

Yeah, weren’t we supposed to be concerned about hate against Asian Americans right now? Did that go away when the video of a rather large black man assaulted an older Asian woman on her way to church? Asking for a friend.

Due process?


Megyn Kelly came out swinging:


Tell the damn whiners to SIT DOWN.


Unconscionable and unacceptable.

And all too common.

It really and truly is.



WTAF?! A Boston hospital will offer ‘preferential care based on race’ and gosh, that sounds pretty racist, unethical, and ILLEGAL

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