Gosh, we’re shocked. Another hate crime where someone supposedly wrote racist and anti-Semitic things in graffiti turned out to be a hoax.

Oh wait, no, we’re not shocked.

It’s really pathetic that our county is so racist and awful that the people who keep telling us how racist and awful it is have to keep making crap up to prove it’s racist and awful.

Like at Albion College:

From The Post Millennial:

This graffiti, which included messages such as “white lives matter” and “white power,” turned out to have been allegedly created by a 21-year-old black male.

This person also is said to have written such messages as “666” on top of a Star of David, alongside “let’s kill all N*****.”

The Albion police brought said male into questioning, where he admitted to doing most of the graffiti. This student was released after questioning. It is unclear whether any charges will be brought against this student.

Images of the racist graffiti quickly went viral across social media platforms, with one local outlet posting the story accompanied with pictures that they censored “due to it being so offensive.”

Albion College’s thread explaining that it was a hoax leaves out one KEY detail:

There’s something pretty important about the student they’re leaving out here.

Any guesses?

Even though this was all a hoax we’re still going to pretend we have a racism problem because that’s the woke thing to do right now.


OR they could just admit this Black student was trying to create racism on campus for attention.


Yes, higher education in this country is in serious trouble, folks.

This is so bad.



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