While Jimmy Fallon may actually still be funny (his bit where he interpreted what Joe Biden was saying behind his mask was pretty damn hilarious), the other Jimmy is still an unfunny, agenda-driven, annoying AF wannabe activist with a dying, unwatchable show.

Unless you’re a fan of Hunter Biden.

Yeah, we just did that all-over gross-out body shiver thing thinking about ‘fans’ of Hunter.


Red Herring?


He recently admitted the laptop was his … right?! Thinking Biden’s handlers told the president’s son to say, ‘I don’t know,’ because he’s just that stupid and his brain is just that fried.



That just about sums up Kimmel.

Hunter, of all people, mocking Trump Jr? Really? Wow.

Probably A LOT.


Hunter seems to contradict Hunter … a lot.

Almost like he’s lying.

Just like his dear old dad.



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