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Max Berger's terrible, horrible, no-good, very stupid thread whining about how the Senate works belongs in DERP Hall of Fame

If we had a nickel for every annoying leftist blue-check who thinks they’re smarter than the Founding Fathers … well, we probably wouldn’t have to write for a living.


Just saying.

Max Berger really gave it his all in this stupid AF thread complaining about the number of senators states have because he doesn’t understand the basic fundamentals of our republic.

How many more times must we explain to Max and his ilk that each state has equal representation in the Senate regardless of population? THIS ISN’T HARD.

Or racist, FFS.

Because the founders wanted to protect the country if a giant-ass state like California eventually popped up that was ruled by a bunch of brain-dead, mouth-breathing progressives who think more government is the answer to every problem.

So yes, they did come up with the best government ever.

Sorry, not sorry.

Such melodramatic babies.



It must be exhausting to be this uninformed (misinformed) all of the time.






Seriously. That’s it.



We’ll stick with the Federalist Papers, thanks.


It’s about the states, chief.

Max wouldn’t know a useful civics lesson if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.



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