Rory Cooper is one HELL of a parent advocate.

Just sayin’.

Fairfax County, VA teachers demanded to be fully vaccinated before they would go back into the classrooms, and even then when the county put them before actual essential employees who had been working, the elderly, the vulnerable they STILL refused to go back.

The Fairfax Education Association has done a bang-up job of making teachers look non-essential, especially as other counties throughout Virginia have been open, many full-time, five days a week. This is about money and power, not a virus, and the longer they make parents wait the more obvious it is.

Pathetic, ain’t it?

And drag ’em AGAIN.

Yes, yes this editor is biased as a parent in Virginia who had to fight for several months to get her secondary kids back in the classroom. This must STOP and it must stop RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why they’re REALLY holding education hostage:

Surprise surprise.



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