Maybe it’s just us but this chick seems really upset.

Note, if you’re watching this in public we suggest you put on some headphones because HOLY CRAP … oh, and if you do put on headphones don’t turn this up too loud or the screeching could do some serious and permanent damage, just sayin’.


Think she’s tired of it? The amount of brainwashing the government and media have done with masks is clearly breaking people.

And sorry, but for someone who has three effing inhalers, she is more than capable of yelling and shrieking …

Ok, so to be fair, this editor almost felt sorry for this woman (sorry if we’re misgendering here, but we’re doing our best) because clearly, she’s having issues of some sort.

But then we saw this little video cross our timeline and yeah … (again, use headphones):

She uses three inhalers but she’s smoking?

And he has a disability?

Ok, something doesn’t seem right.

Just sayin’.




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