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Talk about shooting BLANKS! David Hogg wants to regulate the 'unregulated militia' and YEAH ... no (Hell no even!)

David Hogg … yikes, Harvard sure can pick ’em.

We’re pretty sure David doesn’t know what a militia is or about the regulating of such but we suppose when he typed up his cute little tweet he felt like he was doing something edgy and important. Or something.


We just find it painful.

So it’s time to make sure our guns are clean and in working order because, Sparky, WE are the militia and all ‘well-regulated’ really means is ‘in working order’. You’d think after all of this time he’d have bothered to learn about the Second Amendment, just a little bit but nope.

Yeah, Harvard.

Good question.

Because we know it didn’t go well.

Guess he has to go back to be an annoying gun-control harpy.

This really isn’t difficult, David.



We’re embarrassed for them at this point.



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