Biden sure can pick ’em.

David Chipman is his name, and he or whoever helped him with his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) thought that picture of him was a good one to use.


Posted with his crazy theory that Branch Davidians SHOT DOWN two government helicopters?

Yikes-ville times TWO.

From the Austin Chronicle:

There is contradictory information as to whether federal agents fired from the helicopters during the raid. Two defense lawyers who represented the Davidians and went inside the Mt. Carmel compound during the 51-day standoff ­ Jack Zimmerman and Dick DeGuerin ­ both said they saw bullet holes in the ceiling of the structure. Zimmerman described them as “exit holes” and said that there were only two possible explanations. “You can have a guy standing on the roof shooting in, and it would look just like that, or you can have someone shooting from a helicopter.”

Several Davidians have said the helicopters fired at them. Catherine Matteson, a Davidian who left the compound during the siege, was at Mt. Carmel on Feb. 28. In her memoir, quoted in Dick J. Reavis’ book Ashes of Waco, she recalls, “As I went to the window to my amazement, there were three helicopters in formation and facing David’s room and firing as they came.” David Thibodeau was also at the compound during the assault. He, too, claims the helicopters fired on the compound. He says that bullet holes in the compound’s water towers could only have come from a helicopter. Three Davidians who were killed that day, Peter Gent, Peter Hipsman, and Winston Blake, may have been killed by gunfire coming from the helicopters.

The agents may have fired on THEM … huh.

You guys, check it out. Seriously.

We had a similar reaction.

Or maybe they were trying to control the weather?

Biden has a rep to protect.


Please, let’s not find out.

Why do they all have crazy eyes?!

This means he’ll fit RIGHT IN with Biden’s other insane picks.

Good times.



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