As Twitchy readers know, Jake Tapper was being well … Jake Tapper about the location of CNN’s headquarters, deflecting, pretending he’s reporting on the facts of a story when in reality he’s pushing an agenda to help Democrats who look like total doorknobs having supported moving the MLB All-Star Game from a Black-majority city to a White-majority city look less stupid. When Ted Frank pushed him further on this topic, specifically about CNN being headquartered in Georgia, the back and forth got pretty heated:

Fair question.

Doesn’t CNN have a moral obligation to leave Georgia too? Since you know, this is all about morality and stuff?

Jake replied:


Jake seems … tense.

Pissy even.

Ted came back:


Which is probably why Jake responded like this:

He mad.

He big mad.


We know, you’re shocked.

Oh, wait.

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