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'When did you stop fighting for women?!' Gloria Steinem signing GLAAD's letter pushing trans-women as WOMEN pisses off feminists

Gotta be honest, seeing this from bra-burner Gloria Steinem was surprising, and we really didn’t think anything she could tweet would surprise us anymore.


Who knew?

Seems Gloria signed GLAAD’s letter supporting Trans Women and Girls, basically handing the title of ‘women’ over to men. You’d think someone so closely associated with feminism would want to protect what it means to be a woman but nope.

This didn’t go over very well …

True story.

Very disappointing.


Weird, right?

Yeah, honey.

Even ‘feminists’ were pissed at her:


When it became the in thing to allow men to claim they were women while disregarding real women.

Just spitballin’.



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