The way the Left has lost their freakin’ minds about the new Georgia voting law you’d think they were worried it would keep them from doing what they did in the 2020 election.

Probably because it will.

That’s what happens when you overplay your hand to ‘fortify’ an election.

Sorry, not sorry.

Take for example this from Marc Elias, who seems to think Georgians are too stupid to figure out what their driver’s license number is.

No, seriously.

Marc, this sounds a lot like the soft bigotry of low expectations to us.

And c’mon, anyone who has ever rented a car or you know, can actually READ will be able to figure out the number. That Marc thinks people are too dumb to know this very basic thing? Yeah, fail.

Ummm … you used a picture of an ID of an older black woman?

Just sayin’.

Beyond silly.

We’re deep into Derp-town USA at this point.


Oh no! People have to think when they vote by mail!


This. ^



Dude, get a life.

We think this sums the whole tweet up nicely.

‘Nuff said.



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