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Oh the HUME-anity! Brit Hume just needs 2 tweets to take Lester Holt and his argument that 'fairness in media' is overrated APART

Lester Holt thinks ‘fairness is overrated’ in the media.

And that giving two sides of a story equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves living in.


Well, maybe this world is a mess because dipsticks like Lester haven’t been ‘fair’ in their reporting for a long, long time.



Lester should probably listen to Brit Hume, just sayin’.


Hit him again, Brit.

But that would mean allowing people to THINK FOR THEMSELVES and goodness knows that’s a big no-no in 2021. The media must tell us all who is right and who is wrong …

Or not.

Imagine how much better our country would be if the media just reported the facts around any story.


We spend a lot of time covering how effed up the media is and no matter how many stories we write, every day it’s a little more bizarro.




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