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'Time to impeach and PROSECUTE': Blue-check Democrat calls for Biden's impeachment for pushing COVID vaccine passport

And we thought the forced muzzle mandates were bad.

This sounds … well, sort of fascist to us. Can you imagine if Trump had talked about forcing Americans to carry a ‘passport’ around so they could engage in commerce? Or if he had wanted to track Americans? Holy crap, it would be nothing but TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER all over Twitter.


Joe, buddy, stop letting younger, more socialist morons use you to push their agenda knowing you’ll take the fall for it. Seriously.

Even Democrats know a vaccine passport is a horrible idea.

This IS a clear and present danger.


Something definitely feels very wrong and creepy about all of this.


Anyone with half a brain in their heads should be speaking out against this tremendous overreach.

Sadly, we learned in the last election, there are a lot of people out there with less than half a brain.



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