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'Don't you EVER accuse me': Judge Jeanine Pirro drops Joy Behar (then drops her AGAIN) for claiming she trashed children at the border (watch)

We would tell Joy Behar not to mess with Judge Jeanine but seems it’s a bit too late for that. Joy accused Judge of trashing the children at the border …


And she is PISSED.


Joy Behar a perfect example of someone who talks the talk.

Maybe Joy should spend more time walking the walk?

But hey, if she wanted some schooling from the judge, she just got it.

Multiple times.

And with good reason.

Yeah, we all get a little sick of Joy Behar … the judge had definitely had enough.



And for doing more than just talking the talk.



Well well well … An unmasked, open, and FREE Texas is making masked-up locked-down blue states look REALLY dumb (data)

‘Humanitarian CRISIS’: Ted Cruz shines a light on Biden’s VERY-REAL border crisis with his live footage from the border (watch)

Just when you thought vegans couldn’t get ANY more annoying : White veganism is the new WHITE SUPREMACY and OMG-LOL (watch)

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