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Just when you thought vegans couldn't get ANY more annoying : White veganism is the new WHITE SUPREMACY and OMG-LOL (watch)

This can’t be real … right?

The human race isn’t THIS stupid yet, right?


Seriously, this could be a damn SNL skit.

White veganism is apparently the new white supremacy because it only focuses on the lives of animals while ignoring colonization and stuff.

Don’t ask us, we just work here.


Vegans. Yup. That says it all.


If we had to watch it, so do you guys.

Mmmmm … bacon.

Join the club.






‘Awww, WASSAMATTA’?! Stacey Abrams’ SERIOUS tweeter-tantrum over Kemp protecting GA elections by signing #SB202 SO very telling

Are you HIGH?! Keith Olbermann’s tweet defending Biden for being a total coward and not calling on Peter Doocy BACKFIRES

‘You can’t BE this stupid, right?’ NBC journo slobbering all over Biden ‘knocking it out of the park’ during presser BACKFIRES hilariously


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