President Joe Biden’s first press conference in 60 days of being in office was one for the books … and not in a good way. What an absolutely embarrassing disaster. He had scripted questions and a cheat sheet on who to call on and it was still a circus.

Clown in Chief?

Not to mention most people noticed Sleepy Joe avoided calling on certain journalists who might have asked him a question he wasn’t prepared to answer. For example, there wasn’t a single question on COVID.


Absolutely gutless.

As are his handlers.

Keith Olbermann poked his pointy head out of his basement to respond:

Every presser was hostile for Trump.

WTF is Keith smokin’?

You know what? Don’t answer that.

Stunning and brave.

That blithering idiot needs any and all attention he can get since it appears to be just him recording himself in his basement these days.

Every press conference was like Thunderdome for Trump.

Nobody else wants him?




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