Remember when Trump had pressers and how crazy, full, and insanely entertaining they were to watch? Even during the pandemic, the man would stand face-to-face with a media that hated him, without any prepared index cards or hand-picked reporters, and do what other presidents have done for decades.

Until Joe Biden became president.

They’ll say this was a COVID thing but we would call that excuse a bullsh*t thing.

Look at this (he deleted it for some reason, luckily we snagged it):

Hey, at least there are more people at his presser than at his rallies.

This is just painful for Biden. For all of us.

We’re surprised there weren’t any questions about how hard it was to be such an AMAZING president after big meanie poop-head Trump left.

He was a hot mess.

And had been preparing for this presser for weeks.

Just a disaster.



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