After watching Joe Biden’s first press conference as president all we can think is, ‘What the Hell, man?!’

That was a hot dumpster of cringe, awful, and embarrassing all wrapped up in one big ball of stupid.

It was bad.

So bad.

Bless Grace Segers for being good enough to watch AND tweet it; we especially appreciate her thread as she works for CBS so there is no ‘conservative bias’.

It just is what it is.

Take a gander:

Thanks Trump and Operation Warp Speed!

Seems the number of the day is 100 MILLION.

They should all go back?


Yeah, he’s going to deal with those problems.

Democrats used the filibuster 340 times in the last five years.

Guess who’s been abusing it?

And c’mon, Biden is old but he’s not THAT old.

Uh huh.


That’s right, you dog-faced pony soldier.

Grace actually did a great job, big props!

Oh good, we feel so much better thinking Kamala will be in charge of the children at the border.

If we leave?

Oh … alrighty then.

He’ll commit to transparency as soon as it’s politically convenient to do so.

He makes no apologies for rolling back executive actions that were protecting kids from trafficking at the border.



Yeah, voter ID and fighting against the harvesting of ballots is unAmerican and sick.


Suuuuuuuuuuuure it is, Joe.



What the what?

He has no idea if there will be a Republican Party in four years.

Oh really?!

Crazy ain’t it?

Dodging a lot, yup.

All about timing? Huh?

He pivoted because he kept getting and losing focus.

As he’s made it far, far worse.

And he went.


Yeah, pretty wild.



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