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BLISTERED! Mike Pompeo just needs 1 tweet to humiliate Biden for running from Putin's challenge and DAMN SON

See Putin challenge Biden to a debate.

See Biden run.

Run Biden run.

Pretty sure this was a test from Putin and we’re pretty sure Biden failed.

Just like we’re pretty sure this tweet from Mike Pompeo is about Biden failing:



And damn, we miss this guy.

Actually, we miss our government feeling like nobody is gonna mess with us … President Silver Alert hasn’t even been president for two months and we already have China and Russia ‘pushing’ it.

They wouldn’t have pushed it with Trump.

Sorry, not sorry.

The current administration doesn’t understand much.

Let’s be honest.

Democrats love their wars.


Not all of us, thank you very much.

Hey man, we voted for the mean guy with the mean tweets.



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