San Francisco is in trouble, folks. Beyond even their local government all but destroying their small business community with grossly overreaching draconian COVID regulations, their school board is a disaster. These are the folks who were more concerned about renaming their ‘racist’ schools than getting their students back in the classroom. This is the board that turned a gay man down for a committee because he was a white guy.


Welp, seems they’ve got even more problems, especially with all of the focus we’re suddenly seeing on anti-Asian rhetoric …

Like these tweets from SF School Board Commissioner, Alison Collins:

Alison appears to take issue with Asian Americans. Not a great look for the SF School Board, just sayin’.

Check out this thread … it’s really something else:

Doesn’t seem so bad, right?

Keep going.


Maybe those students and teachers just want to go to school and focus on learning.

Crazy talk, we know.

Say what?

They use white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead.’


Really focused on Asians, isn’t she?

Oh, give us a break, woman. Trump had a list?

Keep in mind, she has power and authority over what is happening in a huge school district, folks.

And she didn’t think to delete any of this?

What’s really insulting is her most recent tweets are all about how much she hurts for the Asian community, not to mention the cute little lettering by her name.

No wonder SF is looking to recall her.



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