Candace Owens so embarrassed and humiliated Cardi B. on Twitter that Cardi posted fake tweets about Candace’s husband having sex with her brother? Yeah, don’t ask us man, social media brings out the worst in some people. What was really funny about Cardi’s fake tweets was that she left the ‘analytics’ part on the tweets she was claiming were from Candace … you can’t view the analytics of someone else’s tweet.

It’s only your own tweets you can view.

Painful. We know.

Candace ain’t playin’.

‘You mess with my family, I won’t stop until I’m the CEO and chairman of that WAP.’


Cardi B. tried to fire back:

‘It was getting boring.’

Translates into, ‘I got tired of getting my a*s handed to me.’

Candace dropped her:

What’s that old saying? Don’t start none won’t be none.




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