Things have been feeling crazier and crazier to this editor so when we came across this thread from John Hayward on bigotry and the Left it was like a light switched on.

He gets it.

The mainstreaming of anti-Semitism and how anti-Asian and anti-White bigotry is literally baked into ‘every corner of the elite culture and politics’ is something we’re seeing more and more. Heck, we wrote about The Root calling ‘whiteness’ a pandemic earlier.

And somehow that’s AOK.

Check out his thread, it’s way smarter than anything we could write:

It’s just baked in.

He’s right.

Keep going.

Canary in the coal mine of prejudice.

Damn, that’s good.

Scary stuff.

Privileged. THERE it is.




Told ya.

This is why they spend so much time ignoring the individual and trying to paint people with a broad brush instead.

We are nowhere near where we should be and all the Left has done is exchange one bigotry for another. And they pat themselves on the backs for doing so.

Because it’s ‘justice.’

*eye roll*



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