Every once in a while we come across a thread where we stop and think to ourselves, ‘Self, wow, that is exactly what we were thinking/feeling, we just didn’t know it.’ Such a thread was tweeted by PoliMath, who incidentally has a history of tweeting pretty epic threads so we weren’t surprised.

But it did sort of hit us how much we agreed with him …

Take a look:

The media are so dishonest we can’t even tell what the stories are anymore.

He’s right.

Most people know there was a shooting, but the media was so quick to play the ‘race’ card and push the ‘America is super racist and evil’ agenda that very few people actually know what happened. States were already lowering flags and claiming we must fight anti-Asian sentiment in this country before many of us even knew who the shooter was.

They no longer tell us the facts or the story, they tell us what they want us to know so we support and believe in their narrative.

Scary, right?

News is more concerned about entertaining than reporting.


We. Can’t. Trust. Any. Of. Them.

Oooh, if only we could use ‘clap emojis’.

And what does he agree with?

Aaron Rupar is a toad … that’s what.

So awful.

That’s today’s media.



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