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'Sooo ... ID and a background check? K.' Lefty Uber-Troll Tea Pain thinks it should be as EASY to vote as it is to buy a gun and ROFL

You can tell none of these yahoos have ever tried to buy a gun.

Hey, we agree with Tea Pan. We should make it as ‘easy’ to vote as it is to buy a gun.

So if Tea Pain gets his way, that means voters will have to provide a legal ID, pass a background check, and in some cases be subject to a waiting period. You know, we’d be willing to forego the waiting period if we can have the ID and check.



Oh man.

We know what he’s (she’s, it’s) trying to do here, and that’s to pretend we evil people on the Right want it to be easier to get a gun than to vote BUT he failed. Right now there are tens of thousands of laws already on the books limiting and regulating guns in this country. Does he really want that for voting?

Silly boy.



We’re not judging.

See?! We’re super easy to get along with.




Awww Twitter, never change.



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