Remember when it was Right versus Left?

Red versus Blue?

We’ve gotten to a place in this country where the lunatics are truly in charge of the asylum and political ideals are falling to the wayside. Few people can tell you why they voted for Biden (except that he wasn’t Trump), and when you press them to explain how their lives are better under Biden they sort of struggle to find a real policy that matters.

Oh sure, they like their cute little checks, which they’ll need to afford a gallon of gas under Sleepy Joe, but what else has he done? Destroyed energy independence, raised the cost of insulin, opened the borders to a huge crisis of illegal immigrant children who are getting stuck in cages and storage containers …

If this is ‘better’ in the minds of his supporters we just don’t get it.

Not to mention the ridiculous ‘cancel’ culture we’re seeing from Woke individuals.

Dave Rubin explains it far better:


Dave gets it.

People who aren’t completely insane and don’t want to be owned by their government will vote for conservatives. Libertarians, liberals (with the little l), Independents … we are going to see the biggest ‘swing’ back that we’ve ever seen, maybe even next year.

Only the wokest of the woke can possibly stand the nonsense we’re witnessing right now.

Oooh, we see what he did here.

Gotta love capitalism.

As long as there are pears in the gift basket. There should be pears.


Hey, that works.



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