Remember long ago when Americans had a sense of humor and we could laugh at jokes without being worried that some thin-skinned, emotional, frothy-mouthed hyena would throw a fit in social media and try to ‘cancel’ us or attack our families?

Twitter has enabled and even empowered horrible people to say horrible things while pretending these horrible things are somehow the right way to ‘think’ or believe. Like with Bill Burr, who called out ‘Woke America’ and triggered a whole lot of stupid and moronic in the Twittersphere.

They called him RACIST, even though you know, his lovely wife is a Black woman named Nia.

Check out this tweet from Clayburn Griffin and keep in mind Twitter saw fit to verify this guy which means they are AOK with what he tweets and may even agree with him.

Pretty sure this jacka*s wouldn’t say this if face-to-face with Bill OR his lovely wife.

Yeah … wow.


True story.


We see a lot of horrible and gross on Twitter but this one takes the cake.



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