And the media wonder why Trump called them fake news. He wasn’t just being mean, or snarky, or trolling them – he was being honest. Boy howdy, they really proved him right with this absolute fabrication of his telling Georgia officials to ‘find the votes.’

Sure, they corrected it NOW but the damage has already been done.

Republicans lost Georgia.

Alex Thompson’s thread illustrates how much damage was done with this blatant lie and just how far it went.

HELLUVA correction.

Oops, our bad. We made that part up … now back to our coverage on how much nicer Biden’s cages are for those thousands of illegal immigrant children and how tiny checks from the government will save us all, HALLELUJAH!

There really should be some sort of a consequence for something SO wrong, right?

Vox, ABC News, CNN (duh), NBC News.

All the ‘bigs’.

Whoa, someone actually did investigative reporting? NO WAY.

What a bunch of jacka*ses.

Sneaky, underhanded, agenda-driven buttholes.

Trump was right about them.

Ooof indeed.

A lie is a lie is a lie. And the media knows how to lie.



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