After it broke that the news basically lied about Trump’s comments regarding the fraud in Georgia, Mollie Hemmingway was good enough to put a small thread together highlighting the many other hoaxes our firefighting friends came up with during the past four years.

She started with the Georgia piece …

Gotta love those anonymous sources they relied on while Trump was in office.

Also gotta love how their ratings and readers are dropping now that Trump isn’t in office, but we digress.

There never seem to be any repercussions.

Sort of like Teflon Hillary, nothing sticks to them.

Awwww, we remember that one.

And when they pushed the pee tapes?

Classic media.

Oh yeah, that one did a ton of damage … and that was the point all along. To damage Trump.

It wasn’t about the news or reporting the facts.


Anything to hurt Trump.

Worst hits.


Something else Trump was right about.



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