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'Bro, just take the L!' U.S. Space Command Sr. Enlisted Leader REKT for attacking Tucker in video, posts second video (makes things worse)

Anyone else feel like they’re living in a strange dystopian novel where the world is upside down and nothing makes sense? Tucker Carlson made a valid point about priorities for our military, and that flight suits for pregnant women (and hairstyles, WTF?) should not take priority over things like protecting the country.


It was pretty straight-forward.

But for whatever reason, the Department of Defense decided to go after him … a journalist.

Remember when the media kept crying about Trump taking away their first amendment rights?


Welp, some members of our armed forces decided to double down and make things worse. Like U.S. Space Command Sr. Enlisted Leader, Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. Scott Stalker.


We’re still trying to figure out why he felt the need to do this.

Especially if he doesn’t like drama.

Yeah, this is bad.

Exactly. This is just a weird take.

Folks were less than impressed:


He starts out saying he doesn’t watch cable television, then says he saw the clip but doesn’t quite get what the clip said.

And he’s in uniform.



When he realized the video was a mistake he totally apologized.


He posted another video.

But at least he wasn’t in his uniform this time:


It was very political.

He should have just left it alone but nope.


Bro, just take the L.



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