What is it about Saturday nights that inspires S.E. Cupp to write Twitchy-worthy tweets? Hey, we’re not complaining (whoohoo job security!) but it’s almost always on a Sunday morning when we drag ourselves out of bed and one of the first ridiculous tweets we see of the day is from Sarah.

We miss the cool, pro-liberty bada*s S.E. Cupp … don’t you guys?

What on Earth is this?

Asking for women.


Interestingly enough, we went through her timeline looking for tweets where she was blasting Andrew Cuomo and we did find several, from 2014 (you know, when she was cool). But fast-forward to 2020 and we found exactly what Regan Battalion found.

So either this was an actual surprise or Cupp is a giant hypocrite.

We get it, she hated Trump and everything she could do to make him look bad she was willing to do – including the destruction of her own reputation.

Oh, she wasn’t entirely silent about him. His COVID pressers made her feel super chill and stuff.

Remember when people were trashing Janice Dean as some lowly weather girl to defend Cuomo?

Good times.


Oddly enough it does feel like the media would rather focus on the seven (eight? how many now?) women accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment than the thousands and thousands of people with developmental disabilities and the elderly his COVID orders basically killed.

These same media types were more than happy to praise the guy last year if it meant they could dunk on Trump which tells you it’s not necessarily that Cuomo did bad things that bothers Cupp, it’s that he can no longer be used as a weapon against Trump.

And that’s just sad.



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