Tucker Carlson was not in the least bit intimidated when the Department of Defense tried to get in his space for his comments on identity politics in the military. Remember when the media kept claiming that Trump was trying to silence them? When they were pretending their First Amendment rights were more important than anyone else’s? And now we have a literal government agency trying to shut down a journalist.

The irony.


‘Identity politics is his priority.’

So. Much. This.

Watching Biden prattle on about hairstyles … it’s painfully obvious not a single synapsis is firing.

Painful painful.


Welcome to 2021.

Hey, nobody promised it wouldn’t be dumber than 2020.

C’mon man! Tucker is the real threat! Dog-faced pony soldier.

Democrats always accuse Republicans of what they’re doing, or what they plan to do. And when you think about all of the crazy stuff they claimed Trump was trying to do or would do …

Scary indeed and kudos to Tucker for standing his ground.



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