People often laugh when they’re asked a question they don’t want to or can’t answer. It’s hard, for example, for Jen Psaki to admit that the Biden administration is ok with many schools still being shut down because that makes the unions happy, and at the end of the day that’s what really matters to them.

Happy teacher’s unions.

Gotta keep those sweet teacher’s union donations coming in, right Democrats?

Peter Doocy’s question about the open border/migrant children crisis compared to schools being shut down must have been too close to home.

From The Daily Caller:

“The CDC is saying, ‘Schools, you can be at — every school can be at full capacity,’ as you know —” Doocy protested.

“The CDC guidelines as to be clear, as I think this is very important to be very clear and specific on. They gave eight mitigation steps that schools can take to safely reopen,” Psaki replied, noting that a number of schools had already taken those steps and reopened. She also said that some schools were waiting for funding, which she said would be on the way after President Joe Biden signed the COVID-19 relief legislation later in the week.

Doocy pressed again, asking whether the cooperation of the border patrol unions had been easier to come by than that of teachers unions.

“I think that’s a little bit of mixing different circumstances,” Psaki replied, prompting Doocy to point out that both involved children in tight quarters during a pandemic.

Psaki appeared to laugh at that, and Doocy replied, “It’s not funny.”

It’s not funny at all.




She’s just so awful.

And he’s right. Both situations involve children in close quarters. Why hasn’t Biden opened all of the schools, full-time and in full-capacity? We know why, we’re just being facetious.

Thank goodness someone in that room does.



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