Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a handful of states start proposing and even pushing bills that fund students instead of systems. Guess spending a year watching teacher’s unions holding education hostage for power and money finally started waking a few legislators up.

Sadly, the states that need the most help, the blue states, won’t be passing any such thing any time soon.

And that’s why it’s pretty damn awesome that Sen. Rand Paul has introduced it in the Senate.

Corey A. DeAngelis explains the bill that will absolutely terrify the unions in the following thread:

It’s about damn time.

Teacher’s unions have proven that not all teachers want to be essential or care all that much about educating the students they are paid to teach. To be fair, this is not all teachers and several of them stepped up to make sure the inequity gap in public education wasn’t widened during the pandemic. They were just too afraid of the unions to really speak up.

The only thing that would make this bill better is if it disbanded teacher’s unions but we’ll take what we can get.


Which is truly what equity is all about. Unions trap students in crappy districts with crappier teachers – imagine if those same students had a ticket OUT of those systems? Schools would have to perform and compete and those crappy schools with even crappier teachers would likely fade away.

Teacher’s unions pretend they are fighting inequity when in reality they are perpetuating and using it for their own political and financial gain.

Sadly, the odds of this passing are not great (Republicans don’t have a majority in either House) BUT that he is proposing it … this is huge. And it moves the discussion to the national level and gives parents who have been watching teacher’s unions destroy education in this country for over a year some hope.




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