Gosh, Tucker Carlson doesn’t seem all that concerned about the New York Times whining about him and accusing him of harassment.

Whoda thunk?


‘Normally, we would be deeply sympathetic to this. If a mob of screaming lunatics showed up at her house we’d condemn them immediately.’

Tucker is, of course, making a sideways dig at her because that did indeed happen TO HIM …

But she doesn’t like people disagreeing with her on Twitter and considers that harassment.


Full transparency, if this editor who also happens to be a woman considered ‘disagreement’ to be harassment that is literally all this editor would experience on Twitter.


It’s ok for SOME members of the media to hurt others but if you call them out for it, you’re somehow the bully.

Couldn’t tell ya’.

And of course, people are screeching at The Daily Caller claiming Tucker owns them.

About that:

But you know, anything to ignore what Tucker is actually saying to continue to perpetuate the notion that he is the bad guy for calling a NYT reporter out.

Good times.

Or not.

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