Wait, Brooklyn Dad isn’t just a dad in Brookly who cares so much about his country that he sends thousands of horrible tweets every week? WE FEEL SHOCKED.

Ok, so we’re not shocked at all because we have been around long enough to remember Obama’s OFA (Organizing For America) and what his org did on social media. And honestly, this is what they’ve always done on the Left. They create agendas and narratives and magically find people who just fit those agendas and narratives but pretend they’re legit.

And not being paid to say the things they say.

Really American is his group and we’ve made fun of them a few times … good to see this lines up with ‘dad’:

We’re so proud to be Democrats that we are paid to talk about it.





From The New York Post:

Majid Padellan, who runs the nearly 900,000-follower-strong Twitter account — and has been slammed previously for urging Bernie Sanders to drop out of the 2020 presidential race — allegedly accepted more than $57,000 from a pro-Biden PAC, Really American, last year, according to Refinery29.com, which cited tweets circulating Tuesday.

In his Twitter bio, Padellan says he’s a senior adviser to the PAC — but followers slammed him for failing to admit he allegedly got paid to post pro-Biden opinions and theories, according to the outlet.

“Brooklyn Dad being a paid Dem op is pretty unsurprising, it absolutely does pay to have/promote sh–ty political opinions in America,” one user tweeted.

Hard to take someone seriously when you know they’re being paid for their opinions.

Even the Left is displeased, especially Lindsey Boylan, one of Cuomo’s former aides who has accused Cuomo of sexual harassment:

What she said.

But sure, they’re proud of his tweets.

They PAID him for that.

Pay attention, ladies.



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