Sounds like Critical Race Theory is not so great. Gosh, we’re shocked.

You know it’s bad when a teacher from Loudoun County, VA tears the ‘theory’ apart in front of the school board while she tears THEM up as well. As you may have guessed, Loudoun is a fairly blue area with lots of insane ideas (they were among the first to trash Dr. Seuss).

Watch this. Trust us. It’s the bomb:


‘This school district keeps showing up in the national news.’

‘We are told to examine our whiteness, our white supremacy, white privilege, microaggressions upon every other thing that is stupid or racist.’

‘YOU are the face of privilege.’

‘YOU do not speak for us.’

Hot damn this editor cheered after watching this.

We’re going to need so much more of this and then some in the next four years.

And it feels like we’re just getting started.



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