Reliable Sources has lost nearly a million viewers since Trump left office.


Oh, we’re not shocked Brian Stelter has lost viewers since he lost the only thing he had to b*tch and moan about on his sad little show. No no, we’re actually shocked he had a million viewers to lose.

What is wrong with people?!

You know what, don’t answer that.

Womp womp.

Ok, when we first saw the photo of Stelter without pants floating around we couldn’t believe it was real.

And yet here we are, looking at it again.

Hey, if we have to look at it so do you.

Such a shame.

So very sad.


All last year we said nobody needed Trump to win more than The Lincoln Project (and you guys have seen what’s happened to that dumpster fire of stupid) and the media, especially CNN.

And Tater.

Who was busy tweeting this last night …

No wonder he’s losing viewership.

Hard-hitting commentary there, Tater.



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