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RIIIIIGHT: Feminist's woke 4-year-old supposedly knows ALL about the 'gender wage gap' BUT ain't nobody buyin' it

Awww yes, the famous wage gap myth. Gotta love the classics.

So either this is total BS and she’s trying to say the gender wage gap is SOOOOOOO bad that even a four-year-old knows about it or she’s admitting that she talks about politics in front of her small child.


Either way, this is not a great look.

Two-year-old corgi: mummy I wish you could stop working forever and just play with me every day.
Editor: (shocked dog can speak English): Holy crap, you can speak English.
Two-year-old corgi: Duh

Hey, that’s as believable as the woke 4-year-old worried about the wage gap.


Sort of what we said as well.


Good thought.

It is literally illegal already to pay a woman less just because she’s a woman.



We’ll take ‘things that didn’t happen for $500, Alex.’

Awww man, we so miss Alex Trebek. 🙁



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