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'Not how it works, Scooter': Sen. Chris Murphy praising himself and the Biden administration for 'ending the pandemic' goes HILARIOUSLY wrong

So, apparently all it would have taken to end the COVID pandemic was for Congress to pass a pork-heavy progressive spending bill … who knew?

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d be able to see China from our backyard.


No, Russia?


Sen. Chris Murphy tweets a lot of stupid stuff but this is impressively dumb:

Chris … dude, this looks so much worse than you even know.

And wtf? Cuts child poverty in half?



That cute little pat on this own back at the end just seals the deal on this dumpster fire of derp.


It’s a freakin’ miracle.

To be fair, this is not the first time he’s sounded dumb.

Oh yeah, if you’re a ‘gig worker’ or have any sort of business through Etsy or ebay or any other online store environment … they’re coming for you guys.


Raising taxes while pretending they’re doing people a favor.

Gross, right?

Sadly, yes.

Not at all.

Take the masks off and go back to work, everyone!


A spending bill saved us all! LAWDY LAWDY.


*it doesn’t but his followers are dumb enough to believe this crap*


Hey man, he was super busy ending the pandemic and stuff, he didn’t have time to check his spelling.


They weren’t playing around.

They were playing politics.

Which is pretty much the same thing so fair point.



‘Those bombs they’re dropping in Syria are kinda expensive …’ CNN interviewing Biden voter with SERIOUS buyer’s remorse is *chef’s kiss* (watch)

‘Give me a break’! Megyn Kelly TORCHES Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their self-serving ‘poor us’ interview with Oprah and NAILS IT

OMG-LOL! Receipt-filled thread mocking #BlueAnon for each and every CRAZY conspiracy theory on the Left is an EPIC must-read

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