Sorry, but the Left has the crazy conspiracy theory market all locked up.

Oh, we know, the media has been working overtime to frame the Right as the real crazies thanks to the idiots who broke into the Capitol on Jan 6 but the reality is, crazy comes in all shapes, sizes, and political ideals. And if there is indeed a QAnon there is also a BlueAnon.

And they deserve one another.

Sadly, we’re not hearing much about these conspiracy theories on the Left because they are far too busy pretending it’s the Right who is scary so they can justify keeping Biden in the basement. But when you look through all of their crazy allegations from the past four years … HOOBOY.

This is one heckuva thread:

Trump is a Russian asset.

They really believed that crap.

Totally debunked.

But it’s ok for Cuomo to have been accused of sexual harassment by five former aides.

That’s RIGHT.


Yes, her body double because Melania hated Trump so much or something.

Why not 100 BILLION times?! It’s as believable.


It’s all a PLOT!

And they mock the Right for questioning the election results in Pennsylvania.

Alrighty then.

We got nothin’.

And yet they never did.

Mueller was their Santa Claus until he put a bunch of coal in their anti-Trump stockings.

Remember when Adam got fooled by some radio shock jocks because he wanted to get his hands on naked pictures of Trump? We’re not EVEN making that up.

Concentration camps!

Seth and his 400-tweet long threads of insanity.

Hell, Biden is still pushing this lie.




All while they claim it’s the Right with the crazies.

They do so love to project.



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