Stewart Allen Clark is a pastor who took the time to shame women in his congregation for not looking good enough for their husbands. He lectured them about not letting themselves go and even brought up Melania Trump as the ultimate trophy wife.

Which is in and of itself grossly insulting to Melania but we digress.

Now, we saw this story a few days ago but didn’t think it would be worth covering until we saw him make the left’s radar. We thought, ‘Yes, something women on both sides of the aisle can finally agree on’ …

But not so much.


We should have known they’d attack Melania.

Thinking the dillholes attacking Melania are missing the point but whatevs.


Poor Dean.

He tries so hard to be edgy and biting and even his little blue-check only gets him so far.

Twitter is not verifying their best.

Pretty sure they’re missing the point.

But ok.

The pastor lecturing women on the way they look, while he looks like he’s swelling from some allergic reaction, is the story. But oh no, since he dared use Melania that somehow opens up the door for the bullying of the former First Lady to continue.

Making the people trashing Melania as awful as the pastor himself.

Good times.



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