Cuomo was their Trump. Only much, much worse.

This behavior from the media is not ‘reporting,’ this is what we’d call fanboying (and fangirling). You can tell from the things they were saying that Cuomo was their anti-Trump.

And now that we’re seeing what an evil man Cuomo really is (and was), this doesn’t look so great for our brave firefighters in the media.

Watch this from The Daily Wire:

Sorry, that’s a minute and 25 seconds you’ll never get back.

‘Everything Trump isn’t … honest, brave’

‘Governor Cuomo is living in a different reality than Trump.’

‘Cuomo has become the leader of the Democratic Party.’

‘Remarkable show of leadership. He’s providing hope.’

Ugh, and Chris asking his brother if he was thinking of running for president?!


They sure can pick ’em.


Well, Cuomo claims he learned his behavior from his dad so …

We’d be embarrassed for them if we thought they knew how to feel embarrassed.

Sickening doesn’t begin to adequately describe this.



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