Don’t ask us how a tweet about self-censoring turned into an all-out ridiculous back and forth claiming people on the Right would sacrifice their tax cuts if they could openly use the n-word like ‘in the good old days.’

We will just chalk this up to Twitter being Twitter.

It all started here:


How did he make that jump from Bari’s tweet?

Oh, and if you think that’s nutty get a load of how Joy ‘Time-Traveling-Hackers-Posted-Homophobic-Slurs-On-My-Blog’ Reid responded:

Yup, Joy is still … Joy. And joy-less.

You know the face you make when you’re at the store and your mask has slipped a little bit beneath your nose and some crazy-eyed woman in a ‘Girl Power’ t-shirt starts to say something stupid to you but then thinks better of it because you give her the look?

Yeah, just made that same face.

It’s definitely a skill.

We know you know we know you know that we read a lot of stupid stuff on Twitter but Joy … yeah, her stuff is cream of the crop stupid.

Completely and even beyond unhinged.

This. ^

The time-traveling hackers who wrote a bunch of homophobic drivel on her blog to frame her and stuff.


But she won’t.

It’s different when she does it.

Or something.



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