Full transparency, we’re getting tired of writing about Cuomo but man … this ‘super cut’ of an interview on ABC is SO DAMN embarrassing we had to cover it.


We’ve joked about how much the Left, media, and Hollywood fawned over Andy during COVID (and how bad they all look now that he’s been accused of sexually harassing at least five aides and basically killing tens of thousands of seniors) but this one belongs in the Holy Crap We Can’t Believe They Said This Hall of Fame.

Watch this:



The answer is definitely no.

Yup. That’s the kicker here. Hannity and Carlson are clearly biased to the Right, but ABC is supposed to be the news. And instead, they’ve turned themselves into a fan club for a Democratic governor accused of sexually harassing at least five women and possibly responsible for the deaths of 15k seniors.

Our favorite is when she admits he is the second-most trusted Democrat … which does not speak well for Democrats.

Like, at all.

Hard-hitting journalism right there. LOL



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