We’ve been spending a good bit of time writing about the incredible amount of buyer’s remorse we’re seeing from Biden voters (because it warms our evil, conservative hearts) but this is the first time we’ve laughed out loud covering one.

This interview really says it all …

Even CNN is airing interviews of disgruntled Biden voters. LOL.

Man, you KNOW it’s bad.

The jokes are literally writing themselves.

Thanks, Biden voters.

If by amazing they mean hilarious and absolutely painful then yes.

Sorry, but these folks were far more worried about mean Trump tweets than they were with this economy and the future of this country. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have voted for the guy who’s been in an elected office for nearly five decades and the country is no better off because of him. And sure, gas prices are shooting through the roof, people have gone back to not being able to afford their insulin, AND we’re bombing countries in the Middle East again but at least orange man bad didn’t win.

Or something.



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