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So, we get what Justice Democrats and former Elizabeth Warren ‘devotee’ Max Berger was trying to do here … sort of. Not entirely sure why he thought going after the Clintons would go over well with the Left (the Right just mocked and ridiculed him for his Bush comparison) but here we are.


Seems he was inspired by that train wreck of an interview that left so many others like Megyn Kelly underwhelmed.

If there was ever a clown-show of a thread, this one is it:

But wait, there’s more!

Private health care is an outdated institution?

Say what now?

Keep in mind, Justice Democrats have given us such winners as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Presley.

The Electoral College literally keeps this country from being ‘ruled’ by one or two states … we imagine if California and New York ever flip red this nonsense about the Electoral College being racist and evil or now a ‘monarchy’ will gradually faaaade away.



He didn’t make any friends on the Left by trashing the Clintons:

Yeah, bro.

Off base.





Yeah! *shakes fist*

They’re so mad.




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