Burger King UK might want to rethink this social media campaign … just sayin’.

YIKES! Right?

Now, they did continue on into a thread about their program and how there aren’t enough women working professionally in the kitchen BUT people on Twitter are not likely to read the follow-up tweets before they run off screaming into the Twittersphere about how sexist and misogynistic BK is.

Most people missed these two tweets:

They should probably have included this in their first tweet but … nope.

And hey, this doesn’t sound like a terrible program but the way they’ve framed it?

Serious amounts of yikes.

Do they know?



Also, if you want proof that people only read one tweet and then flipped out look no further than the responses:

BK UK answered:

No one is saying the scholarship program is bad. They’re saying that one tweet on its own is not great.

Even KFC Gaming got in on the dogpiling:

BK UK tried again:


Fast-food chains fighting in tweets is one of the few things left on Twitter that make us laugh.

Well, that and Joe Biden in general but you catch our drift.



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